Monday, April 13, 2009

How to remove rat urine stains in fabric?

I have a brand new pair of white boots and they%26#039;ve been in the closet and I didn%26#039;t know I had a rodent problem. Please help!!!!

How to remove rat urine stains in fabric?
Reply:if you got rodent problems, cleaning your clothes should be the least of your worries. Call a pest control company.
Reply:lets be clear ...i sure as hell would remove the rat first ....priority!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Reply:i give you award for one of the sickest questions ever 10 points if i was giving them out.
Reply:Throw then away.. they are infested with germs and you need to think of your health first!

Cmon!!! Then get the house sprayed!!!!
Reply:They sell urine remover stuff at pet stores. It has enzymes in it. I used it when I had an old cat that peed on the carpet all the time.
Reply:ewww sry lol try some bleach on a tissue or the bleach pen or shout or try spot cleaning it wil soap and water first
Reply:I have been pissing in my own nest recently and aquired this same problem, rats are a rare occurance, the biggest problem is the seinfeld rat hat knock offs their like wearing a check hat when the real thing is harder to find.

Either way I found easy off oven cleaner gets rid of most problem stains.
Reply:you can try this product: sox small animal stain and odour remover. it%26#039;s on ebay, but i can%26#039;t seem to link it up.

i used it on a suede covered chair after one of my hamsters peed on it. got rid of the smell and the stain very well.
Reply:rat stains dont come out that easy, but really.... do you want to wear anything that smells like that.? cuz the smell is hard to get out too....
Reply:first of all, you first need to go wash the urine with a cloth as much as possible, then add detergent to the cloth and rub the urine again.
Reply:use SHOUT
Reply:Rats? Are you sure you don%26#039;t mean mice, it would be hard to have an actual rat in your house and not know it. Anyway, I don%26#039;t know what the boots are made of but I saw someone said %26quot;bleach%26quot; on here, I wouldn%26#039;t advise that unless they are made out of fabric that is bleach safe. Would need to know material of the boots please. Good luck.


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